Discontinued PI100LA-B2C
Charger for Electronic Devices 100W - 0,9Amp

Additional Features

  • USB Port and AC Outlet\nThis DC to AC car power inverter is engineered to provide AC outlet in your car. It has a USB port for charging mobile phone and tablets. The AC outlet can charge nebulizers, kindles, DVD players, ipads and other electronic devices.
  • Multifunctional Socket\nThe inverter has a multi-functional socket that delivers continuous 100-Watt power for efficient operation. This supports various low power consuming devices.
  • Optimum Input and Output Voltage\nThe rated input and output voltage of this device is 12.8V and 220-240AVC. It delivers optimum input and output voltage for smooth and efficient charging of the plugged electronic devices.
  • LED Indicator\nThe inverter has an LED indicator that indicates the charging status. It also provides overload protection. It protects the devices from short circuits by shutting down the power.
  • Supports Multiple Devices\nThis DC to AC car power inverter can support multiple devices such as laptops, breast pumps, nebulizers, gaming consoles, kindles, Televisions, DVD players, lights, iPad, and more.
  • Quality Tested\nThe inverter is quality tested to ensure safe and efficient operation. It provides continuous power delivery, and it automatically shuts off in case of any malfunction. This makes it convenient to use.
  • Durable Construction\nThe power inverter is manufactured with high grade material to ensure long term durability. It can power up to two devices at a time and it can operate for longer durations without causing any inconvenience.
  • Ideal for Daily Travelling\nThe DC to AC inverter is ideal for those who are often traveling on the roads. It enables the user to charge all the devices while on the go. This inverter is compatible with most of the electronic devices.



  • 1 Year Warranty

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