Create a Quirky Tree Shelf

Skill Level: Intermediate

Make something that gets your friends talking with this quirky tree shelf. 


The tree shelf is great for storing your special items.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Draw all the pieces of your Shelf

Starting with the base, measure out and cut trunk section pieces using a circular saw. When measuring and marking out pieces it is important to use a carpenter’s square for the stability of the tree.

The size of the base and trunk depends on how big you want the shelves to be – you can work this out as you go along, to ensure it is the right size and that the entire shelves are balanced as you attach each shelf.

Step 2. 

Stain or paint the pieces of wood in whatever colour you like – then leave to dry!

Step 3. 

Screw together the trunk and base, being sure to drill a pilot hole first.

Step 4. 

Measure and cut the first shelf plus vertical bookends. Screw to the trunk of the tree.

Step 5. 

Measure and cut subsequent sections. Each cut will be a different angle depending on where you’d like the shelves to be positioned. Offer up each new plank to be cut, marking where and what angle the cut is to be on the front edge. A carpenter’s square should then be used to mark all cut lines. Cut planks using a circular saw, to ensure the angles of the cuts are accurate.

Step 6. 

At each stage make sure that all joints are tightly screwed together and that the tree is balanced so that it does not tip over. This is most important when making the final shelves/branches. On uneven floors, felt or rubber pads should be added to the corners of the underside of the base for extra stability.

Step 7.

Some joints may need bracing depending on the angles cut. Do this by cutting small sections of timber to the appropriate interior angle and attach in the centre of the board using screws, pre-drilling where necessary.

Step 8. Ready to Decorate!