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Bit by bit, bottle by bottle we’re turning waste into opportunity with reviva™

BLACK+DECKER reviva™ Toolbox Bundle with storage box is placed in the room.

Your tools for change

The reviva™ lineup is forecasted to repurpose over 10 MILLION¹ single-use plastic bottles² diverting them from our oceans and landfills. This is because each BLACK+DECKER® reviva™ products' tool housing is made with Tritan™ Renew 50% certified recycled material³, containing an amount of recycled material equivalent³ to the weight of 4 0.5L single-use plastic bottles² at a minimum.

reviva™ lifecycle

1. Single-use plastic bottles²

2. Molded into reviva™ tool housing

3. reviva™ products used for projects at the home

4. Recycled for another purpose

Reviva tools Cordless Drill Driver, Detail Sander, Jigsaw & Storage Box Black and Decker outdoor with couple chatting

Our commitment to a sustainable future

At Stanley Black & Decker we work towards being ECOSMART™. This means that we are committed to improving the sustainability of our operations, our products, our communities, our suppliers and our customers. Moreover, it means that we are vigilant about our sustainability initiatives, and that we place a priority on maintaining an open dialogue with all of our stakeholders.

BLACK+DECKER reviva™ Toolbox Bundle with storage organizer is placed on the floor.
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    With lifestyles becoming more eco-friendly, we know that our customers are looking for more sustainable solutions for their home. BLACK+DECKER® is committed to building a more sustainable future, and the introduction of the reviva™ range is a major step in this journey.

    Yes, the reviva™ tool housings are built from Tritan™ Renew, which is as tough and resilient as standard plastics.

    Tritan™ Renew is a 50% certified recycled material made by Eastman, and is created from repurposed single-use plastic bottles that are diverted or recovered from landfill or the sea.

    Tritan™ Renew is produced through Advanced Circular Recycling, also known as molecular recycling. Unlike mechanical recycling, molecular recycling transforms single-use waste plastic into basic building blocks that are then used to make durable, high-performance materials. This process reduces the use of fossil-based resources and lowers greenhouse gas emissions while providing the performance of virgin plastic materials and environmental benefits of 50% recycled content.

    The reviva™ range has been engineered to deliver excellent performance, reliability and runtime, equal to or better than existing models.

    The recycled material is certified through a third-party mass balance allocation process (via ISCC).

    Yes, the material they are made from (Tritan™ Renew) is fully recyclable. To return the products for recycling, please visit:

    The reviva™ internal battery design enables easy removal for when the tool is ready for recycling.

    We are creating and implementing programmes for battery and end-of-life tool recycling, and will be posting more information on this site.

    The reviva™ packaging is made from 100% recycled card and is, in turn, 100% recyclable.

    The reviva™ range is our latest step in creating more sustainable products, in line with our company’s Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) strategy.

    As part of Stanley Black & Decker, our ESG strategy includes a focus on ‘Innovating with Purpose’, where we aim to design products for circularity across material selection, use and end-of-life considerations, with a near-term goal of 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025.

    In 2018, Stanley Black & Decker joined with leading businesses and governments to sign the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, an initiative of The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and United Nations Environment Programme. Eastman – the manufacturer of Tritan™ Renew – is also a signatory to the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment.

    Stanley Black & Decker’s purpose – For Those Who Make the World – helped launch an ESG strategy that tied the company’s purpose with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. While the company has always had a deep commitment to corporate social responsibility, the ESG strategy, born in 2017, was reflective of the company’s broader ambition to help create a more sustainable world.  

    The strategy focuses the company's efforts on three key pillars: empowering makers, innovating with purpose and creating a more sustainable world. By 2030, Stanley Black & Decker plans to enable 10 million creators and makers to thrive in a changing world, innovate our products to enhance the lives of 500 million people, and be carbon positive in its global operations, meaning its carbon capture is greater than its carbon emissions. To learn more about our ESG strategy, visit our latest Environment, Social & Governance report here.

    [1]Based on a 3 year global forecast of reviva™ products in production
    [2]Assumes average 0.5L single-use bottle weighs 10.3g 
    [3]Recycled material is certified through a third-party mass balance allocation process