Time for a Little Colour

Skill Level: Intermediate

Brighten up any wall by creating this colourful and quirky clock.

A funky clock is a perfect feature for any home. You can add your own style by customising your colours. Simply follow our step by step tutorial to getting started.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Create A Stencil

First, it’s time to create the stencil for the clock outline. Using your compass and pencil, mark out a circle with 20cm diameter.

Step 2. Mark The Stencil

Space the points of the compass at the radius of the circle (10cm). Then, using the compass, mark pencil dots 10cm apart around the outline of the circle.

Step 3. Create A Hexagonal Shape

Using your ruler and pencil, draw straight lines between each of the dots to create a hexagonal shape.

Step 4. Ready To Cut

You now have your hexagonal cutting stencil.

Step 5. Select Straight Wood Cutting On Your Jigsaw

Using the straight wood cutting setting on your Jigsaw (KS901SEK shown) and cut around the hexagonal stencil lines.

Step 6. Back Piece Completed

You now have the back piece for your wall clock.

Step 7. Smooth The Edges

Using sand paper, smooth the edges to remove any rough areas to ensure you have a perfect hexagonal shape.

Step 8. Mark Up Your Hexagon

Mark a point on each of the hexagonal faces exactly half way between each of the corners. Six points in total.

Step 9. Get Drilling

Secure the plywood to your workbench and drill 40mm deep holes on each of the six corners and through the six pencil marks you’ve just created.

Step 10. Twelve Evenly Spaced Holes

You now have twelve evenly-spaced holes around the hexagon.

Step 11. Draw Around Your Hexagon

Using the second, thinner piece of plywood, draw around the edges of the hexagon you’ve already created to mark out your clock face stencil.

Step 12. Cut Out Your Clock Face

Carefully cut around the clock face template using the Jigsaw.

Step 13. Drill A Centre Hole

Drill a hole into the back board in a central position. This will be used when you attach the clock to the wall.

Step 14. Drill A Hole In Each Ping Pong Ball

Drill a hole into the centre of each of the twelve ping pong balls.

Step 15. Get Painting

Paint the ping pong balls in colours of your choice.

Step 16. Secure Your Cocktail Stirrers

Secure each cocktail stirrer into position using your work bench.

Step 17. Cut Your Cocktail Stirrers

Select the metal cutting setting on your Jigsaw. Cut the ends off each cocktail stirrer, leaving twelve metal sticks of equal length.

Step 18. Drill Your Clock Face

Drill a hole into the centre of the clock face.

Step 19. Paint Your Clock Face

Paint the clock face in a colour of your choice.

Step 20. Mark Up Your Back Piece

Mark out the measurements for attaching your clock mechanism to the back piece of your clock and drill a hole.

Step 21. Attach The Clock Mechanism

Add a screw to the hole to attach your clock mechanism.

Step 22. Place Your Clock Face

Place the clock mechanism through the hole in the clock face.

Step 23. Attach Clock Hands

Attach the clock hands to the mechanism on the front of the display, and add the ping pong balls to each of the twelve metal stirrers.

Step 24. Get Gluing

Add glue to each of the holes and to the ends of each of the cocktail stirrers.

Step 25. Attach Ping Pong Balls To Stirrers

Push the cocktail stirrers into each hole as far as they will go.

Step 26. All Finished

Hang the clock on your wall and you’re done.